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Whenever I have a terrible day, I write. At times, these mad scribblings become Music. Anyhoo, read if you like. I do think I need to sing….before I loose my mind.

Cherry Blossom Beautiful

Willingly I walk towards to the cold room, exchanging my clothing for rags of dust.  Even the walls refuse to be  silenced. Memories slip behind my eyes coloring my present a powdered dusk. Every day a frantic scraping as words are  carved  into walls, until  faces  so old they have no names  –  speak.

We devour lovers from the inside out, the inside out. Have you forgotten?   We are the Sisters of Sorrow. And you are a wolf who  leaves behind relics and ruin. Encoded meanings in song like a sweet family drug. We are the Sisters of Sorrow, the sister of sorrow, peddlers of lost time. The forest birthed us yet their gods are Synthetic. We are the Sisters of Sorrow and your desire  a siren swarm. So sing to forget. Sing to remember. Sing, sing, sing…