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‘Mother, it’s time you settled down and married a rich man. Preferably one who is close to dying.’ ‘ Mother, I think I want to reincarnate as a butterfly. No one suspects butterflies after all. Can you imagine the chaos I could cause?’ ‘Mother, I will never, ever take the high road in any argument. People need to know just how shitty they are….’

Yes, my daughter is with me and I am very pleased. And her rants are very entertaining of course. She is studying to be a doctor but I think she missed out on her calling as a comedian and writer. She passed very well, received distinctions in three subjects and has a clear plan for her life, with deadlines, links and two thousand word essays to prove her point.

I was asked to be interviewed with my daughter, as she is so smart and could inspire others. My daughter with the triple Aries in her natal chart….cannot be trusted to behave! Haha. But I will ask her if she wants to go on radio and speak..

It is rather exciting, driving together and taking her to varsity but before then I have to contend with hearing her dirty jokes and being mercilessly ripped to pieces. I always loved being her Mother, every second of it. Even if she is a pain and says the craziest stuff at times. I warned her….don’t get to involved with the lives of others. Maintain your focus. She chooses to do both…and is a pot stirrer of note!

If there is an injustice, she will speak and who cares about what’s appropriate anyway! People are dying! I spent most of my time….trying to calm her down as a child. Inhale pink bubbles my darling and exhale red. Now let’s make sounds and feel the energy leave our bodies. The nonsense I made up along the way for her…

Then I need to  prepare for a month’s overseas visit. This is so exciting and also reaffirms what I said previously. My life really does surprise. Everything happened in one morning! I always get what I ask for.  However, never what I expected and always better than I could have dreamed. I am learning to shut up and flow.

I am contemplating going to Afrika Burn again this year. We are going with the monster truck and honouring  Kevin who we lost last year. If nothing more pressing occurs, I will go. And by more pressing I mean anything related to Music. Not small shows or little, bitty things…but Music with a capital M.

But first a cup of tea….with a dash of nutmeg, lemon and honey. Just to clear my head you know. Before my daughter  looks at me and demands not only my attention but chocolate as well. Some things really don’t change..

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