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Why am I still dreaming of this man? A few minutes ago I awoke from a dream where he told me about a particular kind of meat he likes and why a certain sauce tastes so good with it.

I swear it’s as though I am seeing into his life, his heart. Good lawd man, what if someone out there can peephole into my world like that?

Wait, they don’t need to.  That reminds me, this blog is way too personal. Very un-Scorpio-like. My daughter said, ‘You Scorpios think you are so mysterious…’ Her boyfriend is also of the clan. ‘Uhm, no baby. We are very, very clear about what we think and how we feel.’

I stopped smoking. Why? Because I refuse to pay four times the regular price for cheap, illegal cigarettes. This lockdown has people paying mad prices for booze and smokes. The black market trade is booming down here and people are looting and losing their minds. Noel is worried about the emergence of police state in South Africa. My Mother about a mandatory vaccine and the Cabal’s black influence. Damn you, Bill Gates, you creepy fuckin dude.

I think that that Corona catwalking across this world stage is waking people up. No other event has focused our attention on one issue as much as she is, the damn skanky bitch. And as she struts… one can see whose lips salivate when she passes, who is repulsed and just how the money reeks.

Some friends who are in long term relationships or marriages have benefited from this time in Lockdown. My siblings and I are as tight as we will ever be. My close group of friends even closer and more bound to each other.

I told my Mother last night (and this shocked even me) that even if I had everything I would still chose to be here, with them. But hey, nothing lasts forever and Music has this way of removing me from wherever I am to wherever I need to be. And she knows I learnt to trust, especially when synchronicity steps into the room.

Today I will make my first chicken pie. And listen to Radiohead and Muse while I do. A visit to Gilda is also in order. After all I do have a permit.

But first, back to bed.