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I do enjoy writing, as it allows me to piece together bits of whatever happened when I wasn’t paying attention. To create meaning where there was only chaos and recreate, line by line, a narrative I can live within.

Read when time allows. Written after I decided to take a look at my old notebooks.

I like the sound of words clicking together or falling out of place. Words that dangle on a page….

Where was I when those letters anchored themselves to my fingernails, so they can to  sky dive on to the page  for a safe landing?  But I was unaware so failed to hear  as they inhaled deeply their final breath before wildly jumping. Sometimes landing on both feet. Other times clawing to the edges of a page. Elongating themselves as the ink dried from one book to the next. Hoping to become Music. Hoping to remain heard. Despite my attempts to unhear….un-see and forget.

It became  easier wrapping memories  in myth and old time melodies. And pretending they  belonged to a people who no longer exist.   Wait. They existed for that brief spell … as you dangled a glass between your fingers and flames danced. Until a storm hit leaving only charred echoes.

It took Death to interrupt the reverie, the unheard of things. But before Death, I recalled  that faraway place and camouflaged it with different notes and melodies.  Peopled it with faces who spoke in strange tongues, a tower of Babel dancing with song.  And there I  recreated the You I remembered and an unknown me.  Even as the storm raged and the echoes travelled out of reach, I never forgot that place or you, but pretended to. To everyone. For everyone.

Until it dawned on me that forgetting, removed and dismantled, grain by grain, note by note,  a world of Music I imagined.  Like the words in my notebooks that  fall into one space and out of another.  Grown ups live in a different world dont they? A world with straight lines and positively distilled truths. A desolate, lonely place with grief and regret overflowing.

I won’t, I silently declared. I won’t  forget. That. It. You. Even if the You I recalled and the  recreated me no longer exists.   I will sing it back into being,  so weary travellers starving for wonder will know  such a place exists and continue their search. And they are searching Handsome Forgotten You.

The last few years left only one bliss charred echoe awake and dreaming in my sky. People demand wonder and beauty and mystery. They search for it, that Blameless Eternal,  not with their words but with their eyes as they sit listening to stories of a world I travelled to with you. A world I carried back in my notebooks and conjured Music with coloring their eyes blue.

I hope the single remembrance finds you on days dark and cold… You travel with every weary seeker/adventurer who find their way to me. They leave sometimes with a word, a sentence, a song…a small piece of you. And when they leave …I am reminded….there are people I would burn down an entire forest for …just to keep them warm.

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