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I believe every day should be fun. It is my ethos in life dammit. And last night was hella fun. Imagine the scene…only 6 people at a quizz evening. And before you ask, there were two teams ( our team had 4 memebers) and we won tequila shots which we shared with the other guys. That, however was not the fun bit…

During one of our breaks I asked a question of Jody, one of our team members. ‘If you could live in any era where and who would you be…’ This, my people, set off a chain of events I doubt any of us will ever escape. As Jody opted to live in the Wild West.

Next thing you know we named her Madame Josephine, the owner of the largest brothel in town and purveyor of all things illegal. Fabries donned the clothes of the heartbroken sherriff, Jo Steel, who tries his best to walk the righteous path but is in love with me, Dirty Darlene, the baddest singer and second in command after Madame Josephine. Everything was hunky dory until Shaun ( JJ Masters) the outlaw bad boy rides in intent on taking down the Madame….

It was a dark and twisted spiral we created in this alternative world. And somehow we couldn’t stop ourselves from speaking like cowboys! It was so much fun. Only the four of us. At a quizz evening…where there was almost no one.