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I had a chat with my friend’s daughter….and this is what I shared.  Or what I learnt so far. Damn, I wish someone had told me this a few years ago!

Turn your life into the biggest and grandest love affair ever! Dont wait for anyone else. Or for signs from the universe. Be that exciting person you wished another would be. Throw a flash mob for your lover. Eat cake every Thursday if you want. Make everything you do a damn adventure. As life is ephemeral….

There’s  a reason why I make fun of my mother and her Turkish soap operas! Those people have no chill at all! Entire families are killed off because of a slight misunderstanding. All the older, rich Matriarchs are bladdy insane and are nursing some kinda grudge.  Just what are we teaching people about human behavior by watching such insane shows eh?

That’s there’s not enough love to go around? Hell, there isn’t enough of anything it seems. So let’s hoard why don’t we? Let’s manipulate others into getting what we want. Let’s be so dishonest about our own needs that it becomes mandatory to take it from someone else…

On my bad days, I think I am a pushover. Accepting, a bit too accepting of others. Not strong enough to say this is what I need. While I admit this has been a problem in the past. It is the past after all. I have conditioned myself to be gentler. To offer myself the same compassion I give freely to others. It has helped a great deal.

If only people understood how magical it is to deeply connect with another human being. Surely, we would treat their hearts as our own. Look, I have made some questionable decisions in the past. Do I regret it? No, as it taught me a great deal about how I would like to love another and be treated in turn.

I just refuse to be scared anymore. Regardless if there is Music in my life or not. There is an abundance of love around me yes. The following thought brings me a great deal of comfort.  My brain does not know the difference between what I imagine and what’s  real. Hence, I spend a great amount of time imagining the good stuff. Only then do I go into my day. Armed  and fully loaded with good vibes. If something ‘bad’ happens, I take time out to reach neutrality. So I can meet whatever I am experiencing while being very present. This, I decided, is who I choose to be and how I will respond.

I have already decided our road trip will be fun and surprising. Regardless of the fear I might see in the eyes of those I encounter. I know new Music and blog posts with more expnasove insights will be the result. My life, my rules. And it’s  gonna be a damn grand affair. I am gonna be like Oprah. You get some good vibes! And you get some good vibes! And check under your chair….yes, you also got some of the good stuff! Boom. The end and that’s it.

This is the story of my life. The music and the men….they will enhance wherever I choose to be. Yeah, I like the way that feels people. Damn, I am tiring myself out with my sparkling outlook on life. Time for a break and some music before we head out…