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I spend most of my time thinking about Music or words that will become Music. Hell, sometimes I wonder when certain people and experiences will be distilled into a melody or words in my notebook.

On a side note….sleep still escapes me and every now and then I become Afrika Burn weepy. The sound, I decided, will dictate where my voice travels to, while mad, absolutely untrue stories follow. I am cutting my heart out of all the new Music I plan on writing. That does sound rough, but perhaps a more imaginative approach is needed.  It is imperative that I…spend every second avoiding people and reading. This is when not having a small kid or a pesky boyfriend comes in handy. I need silence and a house full of nothingness to write music. Even if only for a few hours.

I enjoy asking myself this specific question. If I could be doing anything, what would it be and with whom?  The answer remains the same. In studio. With musicians. Or rehearsing or performing with my band. What are my favorite phases, you ask? Check your email for the mix. Let’s meet up in studio…and the masters are ready. It would be so easy to diagnose me as having serious commitment issues…but the idea of any man or thing disrupting music and I will not be entertained. Hence, my other 2 rules. You, Auriol, will not touch a Leo or date a  musician. 

Enough. It is almost 4am.

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