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First, that’s a good line to use in a song, isn’t it? If everything was a lie.

I asked my siblings a few questions the other night.  What if, humanity discovered en mass that religion was a bunch of bullshit? That what they conceived of as  God and his laws was all made up by people or beings with an agenda? What would happen to society if they all discovered the truth at the same time?

My sister’s response made me howl with laughter. ‘Look, if we discovered that McDonald’s was using rat meat, I would still eat it. After all nothing happened to me did it?’ Sweet lawdy lawd, I thought. But this is the same sister who listens to the radio for music because she doesn’t have the time to make up her mind about what she likes. And therein lies the problem. She rolled her eyes at me of course…

‘The mind of the believer stagnates…’ Heretics of Dune.

What if an advanced alien race gave us information to improve humanity? What if we failed to convey it? Could we live with ourselves? And what if we conveyed that information faithfully and it was all a lie? What to do then?

Would your opinion on relationships change if you knew that the person you have the greatest troubles with is your best friend on the ‘other side’ and they volunteered to  play the ‘villain’ so you could wake up and live a true and honest life? Would you take the leap with greater ease? Would it even matter to you?

What if all the movies about a pandemic and every disaster was all part of a program to plant the seeds of fear, that we nurture and make real by giving into it? Would you be less afraid knowing this truth? And how would we take responsibility for all of it?

What if our dreams are real and this life we living  is the illusion we need to wake up out of? Do you remember your dreams or pay attention to it?  And if your dreams are shitty what do to then?

My sister then asked me a question I couldn’t anwer. What if you discovered Ben Harper was an asshole?

Kids intuitively know what’s right and wrong. And we die when we forget our innocence and our heart turns cold. And if Ben Harper was an asshole, I would have to write an entire album to make peace with that. And it would be the saddest damn thing I ever wrote.

We start dying when we lose our innocence and the twinkle in our eyes fade. The only thing I am certain of is this – all I can do, at every turn, is follow the calling of my heart and see where it takes me.






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