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When my daughter was small I wrote every single day. Then, all I had was the thought of Music but no idea how or where it would happen.

The act of anchoring words on paper is a spell by itself. Words contain frequency and set things in motion after all. Today I will share what my ideal would look and feel like. This blog post deals with the process of creation itself, and how we call into being that which we desire…

Upon waking I …

I wake up in a room full of light. The sun streams in and I can hear birds chirping and smell the sea. My bed is big, comfortable and smells of sunlight while the person I love snores gently. I slip on a beautiful kimono like gown, my feet touching wooden floors as I walk through our home. The walls are lined with art work and fresh flowers are everywhere. I walk into my library room, pick one single book, switch on the kettle and take my tea outside where I sit and read until I hear my person waking up. I walk to greet  him, kissing him gently  but  making sure some Ella and Louis croon in the background. It’s a Lovely Day, is the song playing. I watch him eat and marvel at how lucky I am to have this amazing human to love, as I help him get ready for his day. Salmon and scrambled eggs on a lightly toasted bun, fresh juice, fruits and silence for breakfast is what we share. And don’t worry, there’s always more bacon in the fridge I can eat! I love looking at how gorgeous he is and give him a final once over and a long hug and deep kiss. That man will always know he is both loved, admired and deeply respected…because he is.

When he leaves I check mails and get ready for mine. My dressing room is filled with clothing for stage and normal everyday wear. Of course there is a separate space for beanies and hats, earrings and scarves! The room itself is eclectic and colorful, candles, momentos of stage performances and a small altar with reminders of people I love, while incense burns.

I get ready to go to my studio/rehearsal/songwriting session at 11, where I  work with the most amazing and talented people for a few hours every second day. The studio space is filled with light and wonderful smells, as we share food and spend a great amount of time talking and laughing there. Sometimes I even cook! Old and new instruments line the space. Just as it does in my home. In fact, in our home  vintage microphones are used as art pieces throughout. A choir, full band and orchestra can all fit into this studio space. And the music we make collectively brings everyone such joy! We are working on something that carries significance. Some days it’s my new album. Other days I help with their projects, lending my voice. On alternate days I work with charities and causes I am passionate about.

Now this bit is important. I drive an electric car in turquoise blue with the most amazing sound possible. (Ps, I love good sound, as it makes listening to music blissful). Slowly I drive home only to be met by the sounds of children, family visiting and the house smelling of food, love and every kind of laughter. The kitchen is a generous one with spaces for every possible cooking and baking tool. Oh, here’s a another confession, I love beautiful crockery and the table where we dine is large and outside on the patio overlooking a large patch of earth filled with trees, the sun streaming in. Music is playing and the table set with fruits, breads, juices, delicious meats and cakes and muffins I baked the night before. And someone has made enough refreshing drinks (probably gin) for the adults.

There’s always this moment when I look at everyone I love and care for…. laughing, eating, joking and think ‘I am so damn lucky to know such love….’

Some leave, stay sleep over. And my person retires to do what he must in silence while I clean up the kitchen as music plays gently. I love it when he surprises me and takes me for a whirl as we pretend we are dancing in a ballroom floor! He is so lovely, funny and has one brilliant mind. I retire to the piano perhaps to work on a song or the new book. We join each other to watch something in the lounge before retiring. And always we talk and laugh in bed…

That. Is my ideal day. Now this is where things get real.

How much of what I just described do I have in my life? 

My songwriter in crime arrives on Thursday and we are making a new album in a few weeks. Light streams into my room every morning. I cook for family and we talk to each other every day. Whenever Ella and Louis play it’s a sign that I am incredibly happy. I do own rather nice clothing and my room is an altar. Art works are stored away and I have a car that plays music. The only thing missing are….vintage microphones and a someone amazing. I just realised that what I desire as an ideal and what I experience as a reality is not that far apart. In fact, where I am now is preparing me for what I am walking towards in my future. More music and music overseas is what has not arrived yet. 

The reason why I shared this is because once I dreamed of music, of having a band, of playing to people who love my voice. Once upon a time everyone thought I was mad and a obsessed fan until I got to open for my favorite musician. I have sung with a choir, an orchestra and had great studio sessions where great food and jokes were shared musician.

This is why I write everyday. It’s not to entertain anyone. It’s how I remind myself of what matters and what desire looks like.

Think carefully about what it is you want, how your ideal day would look and feel  and then see how much of what you desire already exists. Then give thanks for what you have and be mindful of what you are calling into your life with every thought, feeling and action. Take small steps or do whatever you can to narrow the gap between the two.

We are creator beings. With our thoughts we create worlds within worlds. Never forget. We carry magic in our fingertips.

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