Why is that so many forget good old manners on social media? People lose their shit left, right and centre! Do not ask someone a question  you would not dare ask face to face. That’s my take on matters. Personally, I do not mind being grilled from time to time…but goodness people, manners!

A while back I blogged about sexuality, partly because I felt there was a deep need to do so. A need that went a great deal further than my own itches and urges. Many  struggle with their sexuality and  our country is tainted with sexual abuse. Being armed with those facts I wrote and candidly also. Yet, I have received more questions about the name of my sex toy than anything else.  Most of the time I do not know whether to laugh or be offended! Was I not being clear enough I wondered? My thinking  was simple; life should  enjoyed  and responsibly at that.

Again, would you ask me that question if you met me for the first time? Would you comment on my boobs or ask about my dating habits? Call me old fashioned but I always assumed (along with good manners) that trust had to be earned before certain conversations can be delved into. Or was that idea discarded as  our every action and reaction is advertised on social media? Or is is assumed that my personal life, and every aspect of it, is up for grabs?

Here’s a little secret; my life, the parts that really matter, is shared with only those I love and care for. Sometimes information needs to be shared  – for the greater good. What we share, how and with whom we share it should always be taken into consideration – as words have power. At the end of the day I am a lady like any other. I just happen to enjoy singing. Ask what you will, but mind your damn manners and you might just get an answer.

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