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I believe firmly in following your heart. Okay, I can see you rolling your eyes and accusing me of being a hopeless romantic, being a musician and all…But hear me out yeah?

I was gonna name this blog post “How To Break Up With Someone and Be an Asshole”. And list all of the terrible ways, according to a survey conducted amongst friends, you can leave another person. Perhaps I still will. For example, dont be an asshole like me, and break up with your signficant other through Music. In my defense, I only know how I truly feel when I sit down to write music. As my heart and imagination is wide open then. Sometimes we can only break up with someone when your friends are around and you happened to have one too many whiskeys…

As much as I would like to share all these rules and don’t do’s, life can be crazy yo! What works for one person might not work for another. The key word is gentleness. Be gentle with yourself first, your own heart. Whatever you decide, allow it to be a choice that’s yours alone.

A friend just popped me a text saying I sound content and that is a first, as far as she can tell. Yeah man, I am good on every count. As I decided to be. Consciously, every day that’s my first thought. I am grateful for everything and everyone in my life. That’s how I choose to show up….for everyone I care for. By being present. No longer caught up in a past I no longer care for.

I chose consciously to allow my heart to break wide open during 2020. Yeah, to allow more light in and confront my own inner darkness. Without Music. By speaking to people and not being afraid. By grieving and only speaking and singing when I knew I was strong enough. Now I can’t seem to keep up with all the Music wanting to pour through and out of me. It’s bladdy exciting!

So, tell  me, what have you decided eh? And how has that translated into the life you now live? Are you content? Does your life reflect your highest values? It’s okay if it doesnt by the way. We all learn at our own pace and one’s women’s path to redemption might be a straight road to damnation for another.

Regardless, be good to yourself and those you love yeah? One small thought at a time…

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