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This isn’t a lyric from a bad breakup song or some weird artsy movie or worse still, a chick flick. I am…dammit…happy. And always astounded by just how I got there. Wait, there was… Death. Deprivation. Depression and….then all the good stuff!

Good stuff like…friends, family, ginger beer, cheap smokes, Ben Harper’s  new album, the sun and Summer Camp. Yeah. Best birthday celebrations ever.

So, godson number 2 always makes me laugh by saying outrageous things. This kid laughed when I told him my daughter when she was 5 wanted to be a Polar Bear. Whereas he wanted to be Bat Man. Well, before Corona hit, he wanted to be the Manager of China! My sister pops him into my bed some mornings and goodness….I miss the small stuff. Kids are magic.

So…this is the picture that sums up my 2020. That’s me being hugged to death by Mike while holding on to a glass of something on my birthday.



And this is what Matt and I got up to in his garage about a week or so later. This is not what I will use as album art at all. Probably for a poster yes. The image has not been touched at all. Like I said…go with the best idea in the room and this was it.  I can’t wait to see how he will visual effect the hell out of it!

Yeah. That’s about it. Happy and all. Chilling. I do miss….singing  though. But one thing at a time. And I love learning German. I now have someone who helps me twice a week and it’s  so much better than using the language app and YouTube.  I can’t wait to visit Berlin. Anyhoo, have a great day wherever you are. X

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