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My life is a fucking adventure I tell you. So, the plan was this. Matt and I planned to go hiking. Of course he changed his mind and so we ended up pub crawling! We went to three places until we ended up close to this beautiful venue close to Camps Bay. Yes, where everyone is as beautiful as Cape Town is on her best behavior.

Matt ordered a bottle of champagne as we soaked up the sun, ate the food and all the gorgeous vibes. Then we  up met a beautiful lady who was sitting by herself reading an very Interesting book. It just happened to be her last night in Cape Town, before heading off to the UK where she had to be quarantined for two weeks. “Are you okay with being kidnapped?” I asked. I loved that she said yes. And this is where our evening  ended up being   a hell of a lot more interesting….

A random Swedish man then told us about a speakeasy in central Cape Town. And yeah, we needed to know the password and shit. We managed to get in and had the most amazing cocktails ever. The menu gave no clues as  to what was inside it yeah? I chose something called The Red Wolf, I think. And yes, there was a band. So obviously I got up and sang a tune after Matt convinced me to !  An hour later we ended up in a damn pool while sipping gin, smoking and listening to amazing music! I loved every second of it.

My friends were a bit worried. Curfew and all yeah? But I told them, as I was sipping my gin and smoking my smoke…that I am good and fine. In a few hours we are back on the West Coast…and I get to meet another amazing man my friends set me up with! Apparently  he has a dog…

And Carmen, who we kidnapped…ended up having an amazing night. She honestly thought that her last night in Cape Town was gonna be spent reading a book. Hell no girl…not on my damn watch! She is gorgeous and amazing. I am just so glad that Matt and I got to be part of making her last night here feel like magic. In fact, she kept on saying…” Is this real? It feels like a dream…”

I love how gorgeous my life is. I end up meeting amazing people, kidnapping them…and having the kind of evening g that feels like a damn dream! This is what happens when you are open to what the gods allow. Your everything feels like a damn gift. I am more blessed than I could ever imagine. I  get to experience moments of magic like with people I love and random strangers who say yes!

I know, I know….life is rough yeah? But moments like tonight remind me…that people are good and kind. And if I can get to be small part of that…how can I not say yes?