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This is what annoys me most – why cant we just be honest with each other? My god, so many world wars, family dramas and genocides would have been avoided if we could just say…this is how I feel about you….and what’s going on.

But Western thinking has us caught with our pants down while being horny as fuck! Everything revolves around the mind, what is logical and politically correct.  Yet. If we go back long enough….in every culture…regardless of race…we find the same thing. Our hearts, our emotions matter more. That’s what powers the beginning and ends of worlds.

But no….our egos get in the way, our pride, our fuckin need to be righteous and so we fuck things up royally. We get so confused that what makes our hearts bloom is forgotten. And so we wither and die slowly, carcass breathing. A zombie on speed pretending to be human.

Music has made me more honest. My beloved and favorite musician, Ben Harper, once said that as musicians we cannot lie when we compose Music . He was right. But what I tried to do is make every part of my life feel like music. So I can he honest and truthful all the time.

I will be honest and say…that shit has not been easy at all.  I am the most diplomatic person in my family, so speaking truth while in the midst of so much chaos is tricky as fuck! Yet, this is what comforts me…Our choices, those things that define us, are made second by second.  And that I do have control over….

Be gentle with yourself.  Your answer might not be the solution others have offered. Do not be dismayed when you see those you love loose their shit epically. Just breathe….and let it pass through you. Then have a beer. Listen to music, cook or bring a smile to someone else. Focus your energy on anything that gives you peace of mind….and remain there.

It is rather simple in the end –  what you give energy to is that which expands. Positive and negative.  I try my best to remain neutral.  All the time. Regardless of what happens. The only time I allow the madness to run wild is when I write music and sing.

You might call that control.  But my god man…if we do not have a space we can carve out for our wildness and feel as free as a kid….we will all go bladdy mad! So take it easy….laugh and have fun. This is the life is a gift….so why not enjoy all of it eh? Death is a wonderful certainty. Live!