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Gilda, founder of TLC Alzheimer’s Homes or Granny G, as I call one of those people that can do just about anything. She has saved me so many times. And as I deal with the loss of my father just sitting on her floor drinking tea is enough.

We end up talking about everything of course. When her Doug died I was with her. And she is one of the few people I trust with everything I am. Just like all those in my inner circle she is also gifted with Knowing or Sight.

We are never without what we need most. And she is my person. Whether we are taking about TLC  Alzheimer’s Homes and writing articles for the newspaper or exchanging recipes – I am lucky to have such a gangster like lady in my life. ‘My girl, you are not the same person you were when we first met. You have grown and matured a great deal…’ To hear those words while I sit with longing in my bones means more than anyone could ever know.

Be good to those who find you, who nurture you when you are lost.