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I went into 2021 with friends who are family. Fate handed me another sister, her husband and their twin babies who I spend time with. Doing the best of things of course – chilling in their backyard, on the grass, while there’s great food and amazing music playing. It was perfect.

Do you wanna know the best part of my 2021 celebrations? I sat with a small girl whom I call in Afrikaans ‘my blompot kind’. When I told her she is amazing and so beautiful (she is three years old) and she saw I meant it….it felt like the sun was beaming through her eyes. Everytime I looked at her or touched her face she literally lit up from the inside out. I was watching a flower bloom right in front of my eyes! It was the most beautiful thing I have seen!

Needless to say, she followed me the entire day! She messed with my braids, telling me I am so pretty( hehe) and then….she handed me flowers and put them in my hair. After a while there was no more space so the flowers were all put in my pocket.  I now have a pocket filled with magic. As the twins  when they got wind of this, proceeded to collect not only flowers, but leaves and branches and bits of grass! When I left I was given three of the biggest daisies in the garden. It was just amazing!

Of course, I ended up reading cards for everyone. At the same spot where my ‘Blompot Kind’ planted me. Lots of fun was had all round. And my Swaar (brother in law) played music I would wake up in the desert.  Have you ever experienced a moment that is so special while being around people who are very aware of just how special that moment is? That is how I went into 2021. It was a gift.

Now, I am gonna rest as I don’t think I slept all that much to be honest.  Also, their home is very noisy at night. And we are not talking about anyone who is….alive.

Have a great 2021. Remember,  regardless of the state you found yourself in during 2020….you are still standing. And that counts for more than you can ever know. Everything’s  gonna be alright. Even if you can’t see it right now. Xx


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