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The stories we tell ourselves matter. For a while it makes the hours pass faster, especially if you add in extra twists to keep people on the edge of their seats. Even better of that person is you!

Think about it for a second. Would you make the same choices if you knew the outcomes? Would you fall in love with that person knowing they’d break your heart worse than anyone ever could? Would you take that job if you knew it kept you away from those you love and cost more of you in the end?

But what comes next? What is the new story post Corona? What have you decided upon? What lies or illusions will you hang on to in order to maintain peace, protect the people you love or yourself from the cold?

Naturally, I am in favor of ripping off all bandages and exposing the wound to the open air. This is where the lie can be found. Under all the sugar, glitter, fast food fucks, tales of comfort and drainpipe whiskey. Oh, is that what keeps you sane and whole? Are you really sure, asks the Universe? Let’s test that theory by messing with your life some more. Now how about answering that question again, this time without the lie? Some days talking to this universe does get tiring. She has become so demanding of late.

So what’s my new story? Music and happiness is what I am invoking into my life. But first I must ride out all the dark waves and purge as I do. That’s why my FB account has been deactivated. Too much noise.

This blog post should be called The Chronicles of a Musician Losing her Mind As All Things End. It is the end you know. Of life as we have always known it to be.  We thought we knew the rules only to be shown that we had no damn clue in the first place.

And still the walls rattle and threaten to bury alive as Corona and her entourage struts, red carpet ready across the world stage. Demanding we bend the knee and worship. Pray and cast your eyes to the floor. Just be honest for once, she whispers wickedly. You like being told when to get on your knees and how much air you can breate don’t you?

Purge. Cry. Sleep. And find your new balance every day if you must, that’s what I do at any rate. But don’t expect life to carry on the way it has. On the slim chance your life does carry on as before, know this. The Price demanded will increase by the second. But perhaps you have deep pockets eh?

So pay up or start using that imagination of yours. Just what new story will you tell yourself when you wake up? I hope it’s packed with mystery, adventure, romance and has a kick ass soundtrack also…