Wait. What day is it? Saturday! I can relax and binge watch series. Neil Gaiman’s Sandman in particular! Look, one has to reward oneself, eh? And this was one great week. We worked so well in studio. I visited good friends, ate the best seafood pasta I ever tasted and our show was sold out at Alma.

Music. Friends. Food and Music.

That’s Andre on the right.

It was also great to see Andre and his husband at the performance. Andre and I walked a long road together. My first songwriter in crime. First pianist, first producer. It is a 13 year friendship. He is producing my 6th ( in fact it is my 7th technically speaking) album. I sang one of his songs tonight. He has not seen me perform in years. ” You are so dramatic on stage….I know what to do with the music now…” Haha. Andre, the mad Aries is gonna add more drama to the new music, and it is hella dramatic already!

First photo shoot ever. You need to know how jarring it was. Overwhelming in fact. Before Andre and I worked together I was a hermit. My small family and the four walls of my house was all I knew.

Oooh, my best friend and I are hosting a series of dinners this month. On Thursday we are having musicians around.  I am baking a chocolate cake and fixing cocktails. He is making food and seeing to the music. Matt says I have many best friends. I don’t, I just have people I am lucky to call friends.

Still, I dont know if I should move of bed today. Do I really need to? Is there a need? Nah… As long as I call my Mother and my sister. Possibly my other best friend and the Swaar. And maybe Matt just to check in. Possibly my daughter. Yeah.

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