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Valentine’s Day Shmalentine’s Day…We have all been affected by that  bladdy flying baby with its  objects of mass destruction!  Ping. Boom. Ouch dammit! Next thing…you are on your back with a big old smile and time you cant get back. Bladdy Cupid, that kid has never been taught any manners!

So… in case no one told you this yet: Happy Valentine’s Day you gorgeous human.  I wish I could look you, hold your hand and remind you (while clenching a  whiskey glass with the other )…  There is no one quite like you darling.  Do you know that just by waking up, and brushing your teeth …so many people’s lives are a lot brighter and fresher might I add? All you have to do is show up and someone…somewhere is smiling! Right now it’s me. Yes. I am smiling at you. Even though I have no idea who or where you are, but that’s not important right now.  Really. Take a look. I am smiling from ear to ear.

Now, please, come a little closer. As this is very important. I need to whisper it to you. Dont worry, I wont bite or nibble, i just need you to hear me out. It’s time to forget and put it all behind you. And today is the perfect day to do just that.  It’s  okay to forget….all those horrible things….those people and experiences you wish didnt happen, that made you cringe with guilt and shame. Seriously. It’s time to get over your damn self.  It’s done. You made it through! You no longer need to carry the past with you. As an excuse to not move forward  or as a reason to not accept the love that’s already here.  And there is so much love just waiting for you to notice it.

So just accept the following okay? Allow me to wish you and say…Happy bladdy Valentine’s Day you Beautiful, Wonderful Human for the second time.

Why not…try the following, just for me eh?  Try it just for today ( and if you like it, twice a week) ..Try  being so alarmingly  alive…so vivacious….luminous….lush…downright deliciously human…that waking up and smiling is an act of rebellion!

Why not embrace being the most dangerous human being around? Strapped to your chest – so much goodwill it makes Santa sick. Hell those bladdy elves don’t stand a chance when you are around! Best bit? You don’t need a hat or a special outfit at all. Forget the flowers and chocolates.( Okay, remember the chocolates when visiting me. Dark chocolate with peppermint or chilli. Or sea salt, I am not picky.)

Boom! Pow! Kaboom!  Fireworks galore! That’s how you are gonna roll from now onwards baby,  imploding and exploding with them  awesome vibes wherever you go!  Dispelling the darkness step by damn step.  I know, I know…that was a a bit much eh?

Why not just put a smile on your face hmm? Okay. A dignified, coy smile, seriously respectable stuff…And then… Amandla Baby! Awetu Lover!  Fight the Power you magnificent thang! Happy Valentine’s Day already! Go and have a fucking awesome day you lovely human! Because you can….because you’re alive and despite everything – you are still here. Xx

And before I forget…this s just for you…