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Last night I spent almost two hours talking to a musician friend of mine. I haven’t laughed so much in a long while. A few things he said stayed with me…

We all go through phases. At the start of Lockdown we all took the time out to reflect, detox and de-clutter. Spent time with family and friends. It was gentle and needed. But as the year closes down, especially if one is a musician….what we both agreed we need is the energy of others, the crowds, the noise. Life itself just carrying on…

Right now I am sitting in our garden in the sun with a book. I plan on soaking up the rays  like the sun worshipper I am. But first this small epiphany.  I like the idea of gathering time.  But gathering and corralling memories that are worth holding on to.  Places I can travel back to without feeling anything but joy. And there were so many of them this year. My favorite musician played a great part keeping me sane through, thank goodness! Music wasn’t an escape but a gentle and safe space. And there was so much new music!

Then I remembered one memory and decided to write this…as it a favorite.


Once  a man who knew only aloneness  conjured from the tips of  his fingers a city thousands would walk upon.  At night his hat bloomed roses and his legs grew leopard skin. A Magus he was.
Once a woman made of water implored the gods for the taste of rain, but found only riddles between the petals of dried flowers left to die in the sun.
Walk with me like I have no past she said. Why can only you see me, he asked.
At the foot of the Cobra God in the early morning hours you can hear them still. Walking without being seen, in between dried bushes, blinding lights and silences that  swallow worlds.  Complete.  And loved

I love that even during my bleakest moments this year I could gather time towards me and select what and where to linger. I might get annoyed with the lack of music….but for a long while all I knew was silence, so why make a big fuss about it?

Soon I will be in CT singing for my best friend (one of my Senate members) on his birthday and see a few good friends. Then, two Christmas parties and a few options for New Years eve.

But this moment right here….this moment is a wonderful one. And that’s enough for now. The best thing I can hope for anyone is that we recognize what’s wondrous when it arrives and not mourn it when it’s gone. As it never really is…After all, there’s a time for everything. Even if time and everything we see is an illusion. Best to enjoy whatever shows up.


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