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I love all men equally, that is my solemn oath. Does an oath from a hungry wolf mean any less than that of a pious monk ? Are both not acquainted with an ancient hunger? I have  loved all the men I equally, sparingly. Wrapped my legs around their slick bodies and consumed them from the inside out….searching for forgotten melodies and words that hurl spells into the outside world. Yet the hunger remains….

Sounds hella dramatic, eh? I must admit I like the sound of those sentences. Yet, it does bore after a while. All the bladdy agony and double speak people engage in. The lies we so easily swallow for comfort, the jagged edges of misplaced trust, quick and easy sex. A foul mouthed fuck you at 4am in the morning as the kids sleep. Or the recklessness being too diplomatic brings that still ends in a fuck you and get out of my house immediately you bastard!

How tragically dull and unimaginative we have become! Is it really impossible to believe there is good in the other or oneself? Does every word  have to laced with lust, touched by darkness? Every “i” dotted and “t” crossed for safety? 

I ask these questions as I contemplate the Music and soundscapes for my 7th album. I am deeply aware that my 6th album was completed only a few weeks ago. There’s the business of Music the new year will be occupied with. The launch, performances, interviews…blah blah blah. Yet Writing Music is such a joy.

Artwork for the single off my Silk and Gravel album.

I can feel it already, the delicacy and sparseness of the chords, my voice drifting…weaving its way to a somewhere else, a somewhere different. Away from ravenous wolves prowling as they do on my Silk and Gravel album.  Removed from caves where spent candles and prayers are whispered to the Gods of the Guilty. The 7th album is slowly taking shape as I light my smoke at 3 am and hear only birds and the deep feeling of the sea.

I need gentle touch and  old world sophistication. The lushness of sound that conveys intimacy, seduction by and of one’s senses. Instrument and voices fuse becoming keyholes where the secrecies of desire, the private revelations of love becoming…are heard.

In essence…what I am trying to convey in all seriousness is this –  fuck that, fuck it all. I am purposefully crafting another narrative and path ahead for what will be my 7th album.

Also, I enjoy being fed well and experience has shown me that my prayers are always answered. For a long while I remained unaware  what I was praying for or to whom.

Yeah, I know….super dramatic ending to a blog post, eh? Either way, I have an idea for the new Music and will follow it.