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The last three weeks have been the most productive in terms of songwriting. Granted I hardly stepped outside except for smokes and food occasionally. My mind has been fuelled by so many things.

Ideas for new songs are not always inspired by my personal experiences or that of friends. At times it comes from the books I read. Sometimes a phrase or even the title is enough. I enjoy nothing more than hanging out in a second hand bookshop and slidding my hands on the spines of old books. Show me something amazing…

I always carry a notebook and anything that ignites my imagination or suspicion gets scribbles down. Today  many new entries were made. Check out the following: Satan’s School for Girls, Long Hair of Death, Welcome to Blood City, Dead Men Don’t Make Shadows and my absolute favorite, Carnival of Souls. In fact that is a cool name for an album. I would put all of my murder ballads and songs of mayhem on that album! Hehe

I used this line in a song, ‘Good love can ruin you and a bad lover does the same thing to…’  and  told a friend that the love of a ‘good’ woman can redeem any man. Unless he is ‘exceptional’ and does the work by himself. Women know how to save themselves. Some resort to underhanded methods while others take the high ground. Sometimes I wanna burn the high ground and all the clergy, aunties,uncles, grandparents, teachers, misguided scientists, politicians, bad chefs and talentless whiskey makers that park off there. Yeah! I graduated from Satan’s School for Girls fools! Haha.

So I search for stories of extraordinary women, love stories or inspiring stuff that speaks of our spirit to endure and overcome. I am enjoying a documentary called The Hidden World of the Harem. Or a book I always read for inspiration when home, Love For Sale, the history of prostitution. Look, I am fascinated by death, love, and sex. I don’t think I know a Scorpio so far who isn’t. On a serious note it is the hidden world or lives of women that fascinate me.

Yesterday I wrote a song where the last lines of the chorus goes something like this, ‘But when my man comes round, he really takes me across town….with that thing between his legs!’ God I laughed so much as I wrote that song. As I did so I  also recalled all the really great times shared. It’s a very funky tune and this album celebrates all the good stuff.

Anyhoo, check out the two following links. One is  for the documentary and the other….well, it’s breathtakingly beautiful, the imagery and music

Here’s the link –


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