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This song was also written a few years ago. When I work with other artists I always ride off their energy. These two were scoundrels back then! And so I was called Mama Hays, as I was always ‘skelling’ (an Afrikaans terms for giving them a damn piece of my mind so they would behave well dammit!)

This song was so much fun to write. They played me the beat  in studio and an hour later I was home. Also, it was a reminder to do my best not to date men who are way younger than myself! When I start a performance with an unknown audience, we start this off as a ballad and then crank it up. By the end of the song everyone chants with me. Damn straight they will not forget my name. Lawdy lawd, music is so much fun. I get to be all kinds of bad ass.

Anyhoo, here’s a fun song. Life can’t always be deep and shit.


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