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Swipe left. Right. Read their bios. For a laugh, to find words, fodder for songs. Dont  touch  any Leo’s…musicians… under 37’s…who live in another country…who ask for ‘pictures’ or  cannot spell…whose opening line is..’Hey cutie!’ Seriously? Are we 13 years old? Or are those your opening lines to get laid?

No is my standard answer. No. Not you. Not there. Not this. No. I wont settle. For comfort. Or ease. No I wont chase. Anyone. What is safety eh? What is sanity? Some people forget they are  trapped behind  transparent walls as they gaze, sip their whiskey, wine, beer, tea, vegan shake and…swipe left and right.  

Everyone’s searching. For something they lost. A bit of themselves. Or something to regain. Hope. Joy. Purpose. Love. Lust. Swipe left. Swipe right. Unsolicited Dick pics. Show dem the abs. Your shoes. Your car. House. Dogs. Fingers. Lips. It’s all just a meat show. Bodies needing other bodies. A reminder that we’re not alone. We matter to someone. Somewhere.

Meet real people instead. But there are over 100 matches girl, screams the app. Some of them around the corner. Come on, just do it..swipe already! See what happens.  Dont go. Dont leave us….

I met some cool people. People who made me laugh. Others left  me with…great stories. Killer weed. Bored. Uninspired. Resteless.

And I need to feel… Nerves crackling. Uncertainty riding shotgun.   In anticipation of. Touch. Connection. So I can… write music to… Surprise. Disarm.  And open my entire being….slowly. Gently. You will know it is real. I will know when it’s real if  you…wake up to bad piano playing. Singing. Music blasting. The smell of bacon. Or find small notes left hidden in your car, your jacket. A proper meal.  Music no one but you will ever hear.

But until that moment arrives…I will…swipe left…swipe right. On the app…the dancefloor…the desert…the sea…library…on  stage…off stage. And share very little of myself…as I am doing here. Now.