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It’s like hearing the first few notes of a song and  knowing you will love  it. There is a big difference between belief and knowing. Words and people and food have the same effect. So the term I heard and fell madly in love with was this: the frequency of your belief.

Seriously. What is the frequency of your belief? When you think about your future? The idea of a vaccine? The world losing its mind? When you think of Love itself? What is the frequency of your belief eh?

I can only use examples from my own life and so poor Ben Harper will be used again. I knew. I didnt hope or believe. I knew I would meet him and see him perform. Things only manifest in one’s  life if you and it are a vibrational match. That’s when it appears. It’s not magic. It’s the frequency of your belief that knows no doubt.

The same with every person who entered my life. At some point in time we were a vibrational match. And because we no longer are, they are no longer in my life.

Others allow us to see ourselves. They are mirrors, reflecting the frequency of our beliefs. I believed that Love could only be found outside of myself. I believed my heart was  in the hands of a man worlds away.

Until Daddy died…and I was forced to recall  all the love I ever felt, to remain intact. I had to investigate the truthfulness or lack thereof and the consequences. I recalled all that love and pulled it towards myself instead. To not fall apart. To not lose my mind. To be stronger for my family, my Mother. I had to become what I always desired in another. By doing so I discovered my own true nature, felt closer to the earth as my ancestors always have and realised that I am never alone. And great value and joy can be found in being part of a magnificent whole…

So I will have my moments of freaking out for sure, little bits of sadness and not wanting to speak to anyone, absolutely. But my heart is firmly in my chest, and we are just straight chilling man. Always with people whose company I enjoy. Sometimes with whiskey but mostly with the Sun and good music.

Sometimes I think of him, that beautiful-tall-man-him and smile. If  that was what I felt when heart was filled with rusted swords and unsure…I can only imagine what’s next now that my heart is my own.

Its gonna be magic. Every bit of it.  And the Music will reflect that, especially my  new album. As that is the frequency of my belief. On and off stage.


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