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Moments of silence, of peace. Acts of love. Or a call for love – that’s where all the music I pen originates from. My mentor summed it up for me. ‘ There is no need for you to release a new album anytime soon. You’ve created enough to be proud of…’ My focus must go somewhere else for a while. Astrologically speaking, we are all in for a shift of sorts. A freeing up of time, of restrictions. What to do when ģreater freedoms knock on our doors? Celebrate!

I leave for CT in a few hours. Travelling, like the nomad I am, between different people’s lives for a month. Five performances, friends, my daughter’s birthday and numerous distractions. A small rest and I am in the desert, at Afrika Burn.

Afrika Burn….do I really want or need another shock to my system? I hope the desert treats me with greater care this time round. I cant help but think she will, as I have been gentler with myself, with others…

It reminds me of a song I wrote during Lockdown called Freedom is a Hunter.

Here are some of the lyrics

Like a broken melody sung by hungry ghosts, the only constant is change.
Witch hunts lead by fragile boys turn dreams into nothing but white noise.
Freedom is a Hunter, that wont be fooled by a future she cant see. She’ll  dismantle the darkest of nights so she can finally reach me, finally reach me..