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When it comes to hair in South Africa….things get weird. Yeah, blame it on apartheid conditioning. The smoother your hair and fairer your skin, the better it gets. Still. My daughter did the whole Ramona thang (a character from the awesome movie Scott Pilgrim vs The World) and dyed her hair every conceivable color.

I got tired of the same look and so opted for something new. Yet even my friends said silly things in jest. ‘Oh, you look like a black woman now!’ Aren’t we all I asked her….with a smiley emoji. Or my cousin who now calls me Sister Betina. Stupid and said with a smile yes but man….hair isn’t just hair in South Africa. I despise being called a yellow bone above all.

Add in the shaved head and people make all kinds of assumptions about me. I do confess I enjoy playing with their preconceived ideas by dressing as I always do – as a tomboy. I will never forget how I got hit on by woman when I shaved my head or how men treated me in turn. Suddenly they were a bit….rougher with me.

But I am happy and that’s all that matters. A small change is what I wanted before my birthday and so I did it. Besides, I like playing dress up when I am on stage. Never got to do it as a kid. I was too busy….reading.

Anyhoo, new hairstyle, new energy…and I can’t wait to go to CT and hang with friends.

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