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Do any of us know what the new really is? Or where? Or the price one has to pay to get there? Right now, I don’t care about the new. I am just trying to make sense of my present moment as it unfurls.

My present moment feels kinda cool. I am with good people, musicians I respect are a call away and I am  enjoying the dating process like the classy lady I am. Being able to laugh and relax is rather important to me. Along with my core friendships.  Matt has become one of my closest of friends since my father died. Besides, we are going to Summercamp together!! Yay! I value friendship, as my friends have saved me at the darkest of times.

In my books, being able to be honest in your pain and confusion matters more. Look, everyone is honest when they are happy. Yet, when circumstances get tricky and answers are hard to find, most people can’t even be honest with themselves. Daddy passing was my Rubicon moment, my Moses parting the red sea, David  checking  out Golaith and thinking, ‘holy fuck, how I am gonna do this?’ Trust me, David had that moment. We all do.

I value that kind of honesty, and give it in turn. I hear it so often ‘this is what you should do to get here…or to achieve this…. or date that kind of man.’ I ask myself only one question, ‘Who am I being to attract this into my life?’ Or, does my frequency match where I would like to be?

I check my behavior in all instances.  And I watch how I am treated in turn. I simply won’t allow anyone to disrespect me in any way. Raise your voice at me. Gone. Touch me with any kind of violence. Gone. Make  me feel unsafe, you weirdo and I am Gone. Mess with my Musicians behind my back. Gone. Call me Sweety, Babe, Honey. Gone. Surely, a smart man can conjure up something a bit more creative eh? And none of my band members have ever called me by anything but my name.

We teach people how to treat us. Whatever comes next will come, regardless of you being ready or not. So you might as well chill. It’s  best you ensure they and you are good people…