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Why do we feel such guilt for simply being human? I remember my daughter being baptized and the priest saying she was born in sin. That did not sit well with me. So basically you are fooked  from the start if you listen to everyone else. And the older you get the worse it becomes!  That. My. People. Is. Some. High. Level. Fuckery!

I blog first before I speak to anyone in the morning. I have the luxury of not having small kids or a man to greet me with a kiss or morning sex. Before I blog I lie awake and think of my day and listen to a small talk for perspective. Only later do I speak and here’s why. If someone looked at my life they would say…uhm…a few things are not in place for it to run optimally. Yet. Who cares about what anyone else says or thinks about my life eh? Well, I would if I allowed that kind of mental interference. And for a long time I did. Now it’s  my own clarity of being I pay greater attention to. Until I have that I don’t speak. My daughters use to hate this about me!

A friend popped by who I least…once a year. Yet it always feels like only yesterday.  We celebrated each other on surviving a crappy year. And so I ended up having champagne before breakfast! Her advice to me was as follows,  ‘Don’t allow anyone to derail your life or take too much of your energy…’

Things never happen the way we would like but always as they must. Perhaps I have learnt how to ease myself  slowly along the…way-things-go-down-and-there’s-no-point-losing-your-mind-and-telling-everyone-to-fuck-off-and-die path. Yes….perhaps that could have a little to do with it.

I still maintain, despite this 2020 year of drama and full blown madness….the miraculous never left us. We just needed to see all the creepy crawlies under the bed and the monsters in the mirrors. There magic out there, in here, all around and in between. I am not gonna wait for anyone to define what that is, how it should appear in my life or what to do with it. The magic of being alive and human is mine.

Have a great day wherever you are. And if you are feeling  off, why not try to bring some magic into someone else’s life eh? Why not surprise or give another a reason to laugh so much both your stomachs hurt afterwards? Let’s see just how good you feel afterwards. Like my Mother  always says…Giving and Receieving are one and the same. Xx