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It occurred to me this morning that I need to regain my focus.

I had a conversation with a friend who is a prolific writer about the creative process yesterday. He is enjoying the freedom exploring other forms of writing provides and so asked me about my creative process. ‘I need stimuli” I said. Look, sure I could write music about being….in any possible state, but I would want it to feel real and sincere. And for that I need something …to happen. Or else it will sound derivative.

Also, dammit, I have sorted out my heart and mind. I have no more conflict that needs sorting. I know where I stand with love and friendship. Hell, I even know where I am at with my career. Walking with the new music really does help. I keep making notes about instrumentation and sound. Searching for a stimuli woukd mean looking further into my past and well, there’s nothing there anymore!

Yeah, I am ready for something new. Something else…. A creative project yes. One that requires I work with other people. Either I create one or link in with a group of people. And I need to release a new track and stage a performance. Perhaps with Dan who lives close by. We’ll see…

Yeah. I feel ready for a new adventure with a bunch of new people! Something to spark new music. And no, sweet lawd, I don’t want it to be a man. Especially not a tall, smart man with a great voice and smell that can distract me for days on end with his great…cooking skills. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Focus. Focus.


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