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I told you a reconciliation was inevitable! Yes, my husband (Music) and I are back together and making sweet, sweet, beautiful love! I must confess, I called in help during mediation last night. Let  light to travel with my voice when I sing, I asked.

Two hours ago, I sat down at the piano and…no one was more surprised than I was. Ask any musician and listen carefully. Something else they say ‘something else steps into the room’. Call it The Muses, call it the workings of the Sublime, it matters little.

I ended up writing …wait for it… a full blown old school gospel song! Now, I always wanted to write one but never felt moved to. It was written in less than an hour! When next I stage a performance I am singing this song.

I wrote it for myself. Again, this is not something that happens often either.

Here are some of the lyrics

The pain of failing, the blood, sweat and all the tears//Momma said, the only gun to your head// The only gun to your head is fear//Remember your heart’s the Sun it blooms with everything it touches// So you gotta be the love// Be the love, no matter where you go


And that’s the point of the song. To be the Love no matter what. I really belted everyone awake while writing this song, poor neighbors.

I am so deeply grateful to have my Husband back. Now for a shower, lunch and a walk to the library.

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