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This entire year felt completely unreal.  And I treated it as such. The thought that infiltrated my mind was this: do you want power in this illusion or will you enjoy the power of the illusion instead? Those were my only choices….as I dealt with all manner of people and places.  Just how real do you believe any of this is?

On a unrelated note I dreamt of someone I will dub for now  “the emperor’s best friend”. Dreams are fascinating, the  knowing that  descends in an instant!  I do recall saying, ” There you are! Nice to see you again!” As though he had been under water for most of this year and only came up for air now.  Odd.  I reckon time will reveal this as meaningful or meaningless. In the meantime….meh…that was  just another layer of  reality I was immersed in while dreaming.

The idea of playing with the reality becomes so much more fun when I write Music. I can travel back in time and create a world within a world when I sing. Essentially recreating the past to suit my needs or shaping a path I choose to walk on as I do.  Yet, the majority of the music written this year was not tethered to any one place or person. And no one loves having a Muse more than I do! However, all of them were abandoned this year. The Muses, imagined and real.  Cut loose. Get the fuck out man! I see you and I see myself finally. Devil begone!

We spend so much time trying to prove our worth to others dont we? Now I look at people and think: I do not choose to have you  around but thanks for the offer yeah?! Thanks for the lesson but …I am gonna give you a miss.  This relates to family,  friends and creative ideas. Everything is a choice. Mine. The idea of stumbling and allowing choices to make themselves does not appeal. Or simply keeping people around because….well….the past is familiar won’t suffice. We find what we need when we let go of what’s no longer an accurate reflection of who we are and what we believe.

Yeah. Tomorrow is Christmas and soon 2022 is upon us. Time for something new. People. Places. Ideas. After all, I cleared out more than enough space for the new to find its way to me…