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This album got me through every single bad damn day since it was released last year. I listen to it when I feel sad and need to be left alone with my thoughts. Or when I need to focus and complete a project.

Look, I have no choice. How else to drown out the sounds of my Mother  watching her insane Turkish soap operas? Seriously, those sopies are straight up crazy! There’s always one old lady, The Matriach, who you better not look at the wrong way or she will set her mad sons with murderous intent on your ass. Lawdy lawd, that I know this much by itself is worrying.

Hence…I need good music in my life…and this album is brilliant.

However, if people come around and they ask me to play his music, ( and they do) this is what I play as we talk and eat and kuier  or visit.  My favorite song being Well, Well, Well. Anyhoo, this is just a brilliant album and live performance.



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