The new year has begun and double damn!  On the one hand there is an urgency to implement all those grand ideas coupled with an overwhelming feeling of ‘where the hell do I start?’Somehow the universal law ‘everything is always working out for me, even if it does not appear so….’ rings loudly in my ears. There is one thing I must bring to your attention and mine, seeing that I forget it so often.

As you concoct plans and strategies do not be surprised if everything that stands opposition to what you desire shows up. Ask for abundance and you  may encounter  limits on the abundance you need. Ask for a partner with certain attributes and the exact opposite person shows us. The tendency most of us have when that happens is to step into Piglet mode ( the character from Winnie The Pooh). ‘I am never gonna get what I need!’ Or the adult equavalent ‘when the hell is this bullshit gonna end?’

This bothered me until an epiphany struck. We are creators – of our inner and outer realities. Contrast is delicious isn’t it? Imagine asking for a piece of chocolate cake, entering a bakery and being given the privilege of tasting everything in the shop. Now let’s be honest – by the time you get to your chocolate cake and sink your teeth into its dark, moist center.. it is no longer merely a chocolate cake you are tasting is it? It feels downright bladdy victorious! Some of us just take a bit longer sampling all the goodies in the bakery. I write to remind myself of the lesson that comes with with contrast and clarity – that of discernment.  When confronted by the opposite of what you desire view it as a step in the right direction instead.

If I think of my journey through music I was being taught one of many lessons. One being clarity of purpose and belonging. I have always traveled through the lives of people.  I enter their lives and they mine  and the experience is intense, overwhelming in every sense of the word. Until I leave or it ends. This bothered me until a light bulb went off. I realised I stay long enough to pick up a piece of my puzzle that I can only access through the gift of their being. And so my desire is expanded and I am refined. Fun fact – I carry those people with me wherever I go…

Throughout it all I discovered that  I belong wholly to myself and it is nothing short of a gift to encounter people who expand my understanding of what I am capable of giving, accepting and the small truth veiled within each fear I have.

Next time something in your life shows up and is the direct opposite of what you need or not to your exact specifications consider this –  perhaps you are a few mouthfuls away from what you desire. Enjoy what life is gifting you with and try to remember – everything is working out somehow.