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What is your baseline? The emotion you carry with you, your frequent flyer miles  everyone glides to? When I choose my friends, and friendship means a great deal to me, it is simple.  Most of my friends are joyful, kind people. Mad adventurers who know their way around a kitchen, boardroom, the dancefloor and with power tools. Lovely humans with wild blood, bright eyes and …. a small hole in the heart. But don’t we all have it? Don’t we  search worlds of people to find that…elusive….something or someone to fix that small aperture?

Allow people the honor of their experience. That’s one simple yet profound statement. In other words, allow them to just be. To think and act as they see fit. Even if you disagree. Even if they are not with you. Breathe and try not to freak the fuck out. Morality is a one fits all business of late. There is a way of living and being in this world if you wanna get things right. Be successful. Get the money, the guy, the girl, the house littered with shiny things. And so our baseline changes and we become something other.  Until we become the thing we fear or hate most.

Another profound sentence I heard was this: the thoughts we have about those we love transform them. Think about that for a second. How often do you indulge in horrid thoughts about the one you love? Can you hold good thoughts about those who injured you…and mean it? Or is your mind a cesspool? Filled with fuck You’s, I am right and they can go to hell for all I care?

My baseline has often been mistaken for many things. Weakness. Lack of will.  My sister once remarked that if she ever happened to find herself in a fight (why would she even imagine such a thing?), she would not call me. I would advocate for peace and that is not in her agenda! She does have a point. I am the friend called in when a middle way has to be found. The peacemaker….the right hand man.

Yet, when I sing….I  rage, spit out words and beat my chest. Peace? Do not speak to me of Peace! I will burn every damn thing to the ground if you breathe too fast.  When sad I am a siren singing you to shipwreck. My shipwreck, the exact moment swords were plunged into my heart.  And you will feel the pain of my every last breathe as the swords rust deep within me. That’s the beauty of Music. Every word is deeply felt and let go of. My baseline restored.

Whether you sing or not, we absorb the energy of those around us. I know what to do with that energy and how to expel it. On and off stage. Do you transform their vibes or allow it to ruin your day, your night, your damn life? We pick up on the energies of others. Sense their vibe and are either drawn in or repulsed.

What does any of my rants mean, these words I  throw around ? I do not have a damn clue. But I no longer walk around holding my little girl dreams for the world to see.

I am as careful with my own heart as I am with those I love.  I let them be, do whatever they feel is right for them….because they are me, ‘a soul in search of self’ wrapped in another body. Even if we love from a distance. Even if we say nothing. Even if we disagree… but ….hold them in such deep regard and think of them with grace, with kindness. Even if it’s hard. Even if it hurts. Perhaps…that’s how we save each other. X