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When I feel lost…. I consult an energy reader. Granted I am surrounded by deeply intuitive people but it’s always nice to speak to someone I don’t know.

I got all the clarity I needed. And no, she didn’t say things I wanted to hear. In fact I was scolded in places! Best bits of advice? Have more sex and mourn your father. Cry and cry and enjoy the skin you are in.

Here’s something very trippy. Every intuitive person I know always picked up on the energy of my future person. Same description, same energy. This man has been lurking in my energy field for the last three years. So there’s that to look forward to. But right now my energy is focused on career and not love. Besides, he is a far way away for now. I was always meant to be a musician. Just not in South Africa.

Sometimes all one needs is a small bit of advice to steer one in the right direction. I feel a hell of a lot better now. The rest? Let’s see how the gods surprise. And they know how much I enjoy a good old surprise!