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I regard everything on social media as a thought experiment. I did not expect a huge response when I said I prefer being hooked up by people I know as opposed to a dating app and the randomness that comes with it. Aside from very interesting messages in my Inbox, this is what I uncovered, my findings.

It was suggested I create a platform so people can meet. Obviously my mind stepped into music mode. Hey, why not a musical performance and dating frenzy combined in one? And then I thought….uhm…fuck no. I am tired of focusing on what others want and need. This has been my entire damn life. No. This time I am focusing on my needs exclusively.

But how many of us do this all the time?  We focus on what others want or need of us. Stop or whittle ourselves down for them, to be accepted, deemed worthy by ‘them’? Fuck off and fuck no. Death by slow torture is how that scenario ends.

I am gonna get dressed now, walk and get started on the other projects I am involved in. I made a joke with friends and said, ‘The last time I complained that things need to change and I am ready for something different, Daddy died!’ It’s best I be careful what I ask for. Still.

It’s time to get out of here. Time to move. Time to leave. Time to step into new energy and towards new people and declare loudly, cigarette in hand and the taste of whiskey on my lips, ‘Adventure awaits!’ and off I go…off into the sunset while music of the most dopest kind plays.

I am not playing small for anyone. Or begging or waiting or explaining or turning myself inside out to please another. Or jumping hoops for trophy dick. In short, the days of being anything other than myself is over.

Roll with me or Don’t…but know this. My time won’t be wasted.



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