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I am so careful about what I ingest, in terms of everything. Food, tv shows, music and the energies of other people. Just as I keep my inner circle very small, what and  who I surround myself with will never be left to chance or the my mind dictate my mind. My heart yes…

So I blog to  remind myself of what matters and how to conduct myself. If I dont, who will eh? No one is coming to rescue me. That responsibility is mine alone. Therefore, I have to declutter and clear the detritus of my past and actively fill it with what I need and desire. Writing and composing music allows me to do just that. And share the best if who I am with those I love and care for.

Be careful out there. If you no longer know what’s true simply close your eyes, shut off the world and listen. The answers, the truth of what you feel….is in there somewhere. Trust. X

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