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I was sorting out my life, being alone for the first time. My Dreaming Music album was the result.

My favorite track would be Quicksilver. My friend helped me with the lyrics over….whiskey, chocolates, coffee and a cigar. No, that was the evening before. I was terribly spoilt. A wonderful human all round. He helped me find the missing words. That was a good memory.

The Music inspired the lyrics. Not every song is about someone specific.

The song that I am most proud of is Come Home to Me.

The hardest song to write was In My Lover’s Bed. Also known as the whiskey song.

The most liked song is Child Atone

The idea of singing, ‘ take me in your arms because I need saving too’ is something I …do not believe in. Death brings clarity.

I will sing it because it was one of Noel’s favorite songs. Although I can hear him saying, “Auriol, I am so biased. All your songs are my favorites!”