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‘He was fully clothed Gilda!’ I said while trying to explain why I didn’t visit her. I saw this old dude in my dream dancing his socks off to one of my songs. I woke up with only the bass sounding and the opening lines about my heart blooming and I love you stuff ringing in my head.

I hate it when I can hear the bass and drums and damnit I can’t play those instruments! I just remember this old dude vibing to the bass line. I already  wrote three quarters of the song. It’s about all the kinds of kisses any good lady should avoid. I added in some amphibians and reptiles for good measure and to get the point across.

I tried to find the melody the horns must play. So I mouthed it….which didn’t sound as bad. I remember that’s how Ella Fitzgerald learnt to scat. She imitated the horn. I do pull my mouth all kinds of ways when I sing to get all the sounds I need from my voice. God, you should see the pictures…hehe!

I think the album will start with Riddle Me Gently, my Afrika Burn song and end with Cherry Blossom Beautiful.  In between….everything happens, musically and thematically. We have a saying in Afrikaans ‘stille water diepe grond’ (though the waters appears still there is great depths underneath). So the album starts off with deep longing and ends with celestial fire. I like that idea….

Now I have to think of that old dude and complete the song. Wish me luck!

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