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Words have power, and I should be more careful. I recently made a joke where I said ,”Look here man, I am telling you this now so I don’t have to make a guest appearance in your dreams or you in mine. ” Or worse still haunt them after I am dead. I said my peace and guess what? I still dreamed and it was crystal clear.  It was a lovely dream all the way round.

My dreams are a source of comfort, insight, creativity or insanity at times. The point is to use the energy of one’s dreams as Robert Moss, a dream shaman/historian teaches. He speaks very eloquently about evoking the mythic into our waking lives. I shared with him my Ben Harper dreams and how I managed to harness the dream energy until he showed up in my reality. Ben is but one example of many. It’s time we all wake up to “the world beyond the world”.

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