This post was written years ago. I laughed aloud and wondered  what the hell was going on in my life at that time!  However, I stand by my words..

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I always tell my single friends to wear good panties “ you just never know when something interesting might happen”. I am not advocating promiscuity by the way. If you are lonely and in need of a good ole rogering – good panties just make sense! There are certain things you can logically anticipate. Other things will catch you unaware no matter what! I think it’s vital that we accept that for our own sanity. Uncertainty is the only certainty.  Consider also no one can be aware 24/7 and make ‘the right decision’ (whatever that means). It is just not possible. Desirable – sure. Possible – not always. Honestly, I can’t be nice or take the high road all the time. No one can unless they are prepared to visit a psych ward.  Someone once told me, “You are an entertainer. People don’t want to see someone who is moping or anti-social.” My first reaction was, “ Go away you twat bastard man thing! You have no idea of what it means to be human. There’s a time for everything.” Ps, some of those swear words were uttered in Afrikaans…

I know people loose interest easily. Musicians are being packaged, produced and sold to the willing and unwilling every second. Fans want access to “their” musicians and real contact if possible. But what happened to accepting people as people? Flawed, broken and seriously fucked up at times? There is just so much pressure to “live the life of your dreams”. Sometimes we forget that there is something bigger at work than ourselves.  When you forget that  – the “should do this” or “must act like that” comes into play. Crap (kak) man – just be yourself, allow your life to flow as freely as possible and wear good panties.

After all, you just never know what could happen!