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Ben Harper released his new single Don’t Let Me Disappear today. On Venus Retrograde. Damn Ben, why do you have to go mess with people’s emotions eh?

I cried when I heard him perform this song live. I cried when I watched the music video and I cried when I read the lyrics.  So why did this song move me so much?

I think my Mother is tired of seeing me cry to be honest. I look at my parents and wonder…how much love is enough love? I don’t know if I cry for myself or my father. My father who is slipping away and my voice, my life disappearing while I am here, while I watch.

And so I ask myself – what does being a good daughter mean? How much love is enough love. How long until I can no longer breathe?

This is why Ben Harper is my favorite musician. His music causes me to ask way too many questions and feel things I would rather not look at. And so I listen to his music, cry and cry until clarity finds me.

Personally I love the use of dancers in this music video.

The sadness underneath the lyrics, the ‘whatever caused Ben to write this kinda song’ is echoed, amplified by their movements. The disconnection we collectively feel, the confinement, remembrances of joy that causes agony…

While he sits, as he would at home, writing a song that masks so much of what is deeply felt, what cannot be said without things breaking or slipping away. My favorite bit is when he writes in his notebook of course.

These are my mad theories. Take a listen to the song why don’t you?