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Here’s what I keep on forgetting to remember: go with what feels good. Or as the serious gurus would say – follow your Bliss. We are so conditioned to do what is seen as right or moral that we often forget what feels true. As what feels true is so damn inconvenient!

Lemme tell you something real quick. All of the best experiences I had, on or off stage, took place in those special moments when I listened only to my heart and forgot my mind. That’s how I fell in love and wrote the best music ever. Similarly, when I forgot my heart and listened to my mind, I ended up writing the best music also…because I felt so lost and needed to find my way back home.

So, I am on this dating buzz yeah? My aim is only this: to spend time around good human beings. I am not going out there to get laid or fall in love. I am clear within myself about what I would like to experience. And it had been amazing so far. As I am not lying to anyone, least of all myself. The last time I went on a dating blitzkrieg I did that to forget someone I fell in love with…and ended up hurting myself more than anyone else. I do not like repeating mistakes, so made extra sure about my own Machiavellian intentions!

Go with what feels good. Move towards what excites you, and don’t let your mind get in the way. As humans we have been conditioned to hustle and groove. Always look out for whoever is trying to fuck us over. Why man? Why? There is more than enough to go around.

If only people would speak to each other honestly! So much damage could be avoided…world wars and a genocide here and there! But no, we play games. Allow our egos and pride to get in the way. Or in my case, allow my truth to only surface in Music. And always when it is too late.

Never again! This is what I promised myself. Not only for my own sanity, but so that my kid could know the following about her Mother – I always followed my heart and did my best to conquer my fears. Already, my daughter is braver than I could ever hope to be. If that is not an indication that humanity can evolve….then I don’t know what is.

We all worry we are gonna fuck up our kids. So we try to do what’s “right” to satisfy some unknown jury. Can I tell you what my daughter said to me when I got divorced? She said what hurt her most was not me splitting with her Dad, but seeing me fall apart. I was so hurt by that admission. Yet, it took my father dying for it all to coalesce and sink in.

I will never lie to myself about anything ever again. Hence I follow my Bliss and move towards people I dig, towards projects that feel all kinds of groovy, even of they have nothing to do with music.

Life isn’t that complicated my people. Trust me it really isn’t. Just take the time to listen to the story your heart is trying to tell you….and then decide.

Dream well, you beautiful beings. Xx

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