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I think of people the way I think of music. Wait, allow me to rephrase. I think of certain people that way. I am guilty of wrapping people I care for in music, rather carefully, note by note. I can see the Melodies leave their skin  like a trail of smoke. Smoke I must…gather up using special equipment, take to my lab, decipher and put back together. The end result being the music I write and sing.

It always surprises me….how little I remember of people and events that once consumed so much of my time. I barely remember being married dammit! And he was my first boyfriend, first husband, the only baby daddy.  But when it was over and I sang my way through it – he no longer mattered, could no longer reach me. And this is why my daughter says I am cold…but it is my way.

Everything passes, I told her. Everything has its time and it’s what we do with our allotted time that matters.

Point is one never knows. Some people come into our lives and change it. Others come and go without leaving a mark. There are no guarantees.

It’s about small pockets of safety. Creating them, allowing people to find their way to you and nurturing them and yourself until it’s time to leave….or stay a bit longer. And move on together or not.

But whatever is decided….let it be a fun ride! Make every minute count, squeeze so much joy into everything that by the time you go to bed it won’t matter if you dreamed or not. I am reminded of  one of my favorite lines from a song, ‘Your Love’s the warmest place the sun ever shines….’

If another sparks feelings of love or joy within you, revel in your ability to perceive it and be that warm place to another, to yourself…

There is no other road, no other path to awe…beside the very skin you live in. You. Are. It. Within you is all the magic and love to keep galaxies and worlds turning. Never forget.

And that’s why those I love and care for always become music. Music I bop my head to when I am in the kitchen making food, or while driving at night to the beach. Or they can be found in between the lines of songs I pen, or the way I reach out and touch their hands.

That’s how I keep my small world warm and safe. And so the biggest gift anyone can give me is breathing space so I can open up and let the music move through me. I do it for me…and I do it for us.





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