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Desire….such a delicious word. They say this is the term at the heart of all Scorpios. I Desire. And we do….but the real question is always – what, who and why.

In fact, we spend a great amount of time deciphering this complex question. Even if we might suspect the answers. So a Scorpio will continue secretly loving someone even if they appear cold and on the surface level nothing is taking place. They key is to know where and how to look… Except of course if we shout at you, cuss and tell you we never want to see your ass again. Then, trust me, it’s over!

Also, Scorpios are ruled by Pluto and Mars. We are wired to transform ourselves and in turn, others. And we do this by delving deep into what we feel. If you can’t handle our intensity and heat – get outta our kitchen boy! As this is how emotion, love and care is expressed. And we do this so we can understand others better…

I have the best conversations with my daughter. Today I told her, ‘If you accept that you are doing your best in every moment, even if it feels horrible and you feel like you are sinking, everything will be okay somehow.’ It’s a small fact as far as I am concerned, everyone is doing their best given who they are and what they have.

They key to everything is this, and yes, every sage has uttered it over the ages – Know Thyself. And how do we do that? With the help of others of course.

I told a friend who complained about a failed relationship, ‘You should thank him. He is doing a fantastic job of playing the bad guy.’ This is a polarity universe. There’s what is perceived as good and what we easily name bad. So thank them. Only through darkness can we know light. Do we get to understand that we are the light. And at times a single candle burning in the dark is enough to illuminate not only our small piece of sky, but existence itself.

And this is at the core of my desires. To know myself and the quality of love and light I can offer others. I am lucky to have my Mother and Gilda as raging fires who show me with everything they are and do – this is how Love behaves.

So next time something happens that causes you to pause, ache and question your sanity, don’t get disheartened. Instead ask yourself – what is it I truly desire? And if that doesn’t work – move in the direction of any action, experience or person that fills you with light, love, laughter and remain there for as long as you need to. And when you can – create a refuge for others who are in need of your being.

Whoever comes across this blog post, please remember this. You are loved. So deeply. As is. You are always doing better than you imagined and yeah….it’s all gonna work out somehow. We don’t always need to know how and where. Simply embrace knowing that it will. Not believing but knowing. And watch how the desert blooms…

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