Rowick has since passed and is missed by so many.

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I remember the first time Rowick Deep called me. Nervously he said, “Auriol, how would you feel about releasing a deep house album? We could be on to something here.” This after the single, Deeper Than The Ocean, sky rocketed to the number one spot on various national radio stations. To be frank, I knew nothing of deep house.  I hardly listened or danced to it! I simply wrote to the music he sent me and promptly forgot about it! “How do you feel about calling this project DeepHays?” I loved that name the second it left his lips. That… felt like decades ago.

Rowick and I had no idea how long it would take to release the album. So many things happened to both of us in the interim. Unforeseeable experiences; catastrophic doomsday scenarios of the personal kind that left us questioning our very existence!  I wish I was exaggerating or indulging in dramatic, musical hyperbole…but I am not. The life of any musician is precarious at best and it seemed like we got a double dose of trouble thrown our way at every turn! The only thing that kept Rowick and I afloat was this dream, this idea of music.  This thing called DeepHays…

Whether you like our music or not is irrelevant. This blog post deals with creating art and the arduous process involved. One could argue that Rowick and I could have completed this years ago. Yet.  Personal growth has a profound effect on what any artist produces. Life has a tendency to refine one, to prepare the path for greater insights that will find expression in what you choose to create, and gift to the world.

The artist Teresita Fernández once said  “Being an artist is not just about what happens when you are in the studio. The way you live, the people you choose to love and the way you love them…” I would not have been able to find the words for certain songs if I was not able to learn from what life had to show me. I know this to be true for both Rowick and myself.

If you are passionate about Art – be it music, painting or cooking. Refuse to be silenced. Refuse. Resist, revolt; fight hand, tooth and fist if you must! Get off your ass and do the one thing that brings you joy. Do it whenever you can. I use to write music after my daughter fell asleep at night. This is when my love affair with that dreaded lady called Insomnia started! Nevertheless.. Go out there and create.  Trust me, not everything you create will be mind-blowing. Some of it may be downright dodge. But even so, keep doing what you love. Gift the world with your presence.

The album is out in stores and Rowick and I are over the moon! Delirious with joy…and that matters more than anyone could know. A final thanks must go to my family in JHB, Mark and Devon; for keeping me on track. For listening to every dodge song I wrote, zipping me up backstage while half naked, their delicious food, even better conversations and…great wine! It helps to have family and people who believe in you.


Auriol and Rowick