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I must come clean. I was shocked by how much I enjoyed the feast of impeccably choreographed violence  called John Whick, the final chapter. John never sleeps, eats, drinks. He just looks super hot in his black suit as he kicks everyone’s ass. I walked away from the movie feeling emotionally satisfied. I  recall a story doing the rounds a while back and how my sister and I howled with laughter.

Leave people alone, that’s my policy. And I dig people. They confide and confess and it sometimes becomes Music. I love people  so much I offer very little advice. At times I throw in  a ‘have you considered this’ or ‘what if’ to allow for….expansion of perspective. But mostly, I shut up and listen. This does not always go down well. As many want me to pick sides and go all John Wick on the asses of their enemies. Instead of ‘walk a mile in someone else’s shoes’.

Ah…I should definitely not do that. It will lead to trouble.  Oooh, that sounds like fun! I will try that next time with bells and whistles, tequila and rum.  That’s the real gift of having people around. You are shown all the ways you can redeem or fuck yourself over. It’s bladdy brilliant, as you do tur same for them! The unconscious becomes not only conscious, but alarmingly alive! A crazy soap opera on display!  Would I ever get that upset about a dog, for example? Probably not. But things happened to John. Bad things.

So I laugh a great deal of the time. Or contemplate in bed as it is damn cold in South Africa right now. Most of my thoughts directed towards Music, and the people I care for.  And that damn movie that I enjoyed even though I knew the ending. It kinda reminds me of life. We are all gonna die….but who knows what madness will find us in the in between places. And yes, it will be bumpy and even weird at times. For sure, you might even consider finding your own John for a second or two. At least it’s not boring and everyone is so damn entertained they think it’s real! haha