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The inner workings of the human heart  can boggle one’s mind. It astounds me every single time…. what is revealed or concealed. Add Music to that mix and it  does get a bit complicated. Or is that the story we tell ourselves? So we can delay doing what is required for our sanity, but cannot as we are too scared? Yeah, yeah….we have all been there!

FB reminded me that four years ago I was in a relationship. Do you know what shocked me? Why is it that so little Music was penned during that time? Only one song is album worthy – from that entire interaction. One song! I fact, I was so consumed by the relationship very little time was left to write Music.  Ah….that’s the issue. I was being consumed. In order to pen Music or love …more than being consumed is required.

I searched for, in Music, the energy and feeling of peace I once encountered. Especially in the last few years. The mystery and madness of being mired in this illusion is that what  we ache for in another is found within ourselves…. but realizing that simple truth takes time! Most of us would rather jump from one relationship to the next, haul out that bottle of something-something and empty it in one sitting. Or have some delicious nookie  just to quell our angst.

Who am I to speak, eh? I only fell in love twice and with disastrous effects. Well…no. Both individuals caused me to go in search of what I really needed. Music and greater peace. That was their gift to me. I searched and found a way to create Music regardless of where I am and enjoy peace of mind most days. So when I need some nookie or that extra glass of something, trust me, I feel no guilt at all!

People enter our lives for a myriad of reasons. Most we can never be certain of. Some interactions leave us so hurt and broken. Others make no dent at all. I ask myself only 2 questions whenever I meet anyone – how do I feel around you, and would I empty my calendar to spend time with you, to know who you really are?   In the end it is that simple….for me at least. On and off stage.

Have a great day you beautiful, smart, and fantastic human. Spend your time wisely. You are indeed that wonderous…