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I am naming my first E- book after my first album… Behind Closed Doors.  The book is as much about music as it is about everything else. Love, bad sex and dealing with what feels like world ending scenarios. Oh, and coming out the other side with more…Music.

I rather like this photo. Perhaps we convert it into a black and white and date it a bit more.


And yeah, you can see the strap where my bra would have been. I have very large boobs my people! Still, I dig this image and it was not widely used. This is why they called me a jazz singer. I have a face that lent itself to that look. Anyhoo, let’s see what my partner in crime thinks about this. We have a far way to go still.

But it is something I find exciting and seeing that Music and I are on bad terms of late, it is best I keep myself occupied with something else. Until Music returns to me…or I to Him. Our reconciliation is inevitable…he is the Sun and I his Earth after all. Hehe.

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